Payment Information


I only accept full-time care. Whether or not your child attends, you will still be charged the full-time rate. This helps pay for the monthly curriculum/supplies I buy for each child, and the groceries I have to purchase before the start of each week. Fees also help pay for rent, utilities, water, maintenance, and wear and tear caused by having lots of fun.

Full-time care​:  $140/week



Enrollment Policy

There are several forms that I must have completed and in my possession before I can assume the responsibility of caring for your child. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is to ensure that your child will get the very best care possible from me. The forms are as follows:
1. Enrollment Record
2. Child Medical Examination Report (infant/toddler/preschool) or school-aged health statement
3. Immunization Record.
4. Individual Plan for specialized care if needed (IEP)
5. Medication authorization if needed
6. Parents specialized instructions for infants and toddlers if needed
7. Emergency Medical Authorization Form
8. Parent Authorization for the Administration of Medication
9. Permission to Transport - routine trips
10. Release of Child Permission
11. General Permission Slip


The schedule is flexible and may vary daily depending on the children's needs.


6:00 -8:00:  Early morning arrival. A child may lay back down, or do a discovery bin.
8:00 -9:00:  Wash, breakfast
9:00 -9:30:  Free play while cleaning up breakfast
9:30 -11:00:  Outdoor/Forest Discovery
11:00-12:00:  Free play while lunch is prepared.


12:00-1:00​ : Wash, Lunch
1:00-3:00​: Wash, Naps/Quiet Time
3:00-3:30​:  Wash, Afternoon Snack
3:30-4:00:  Music and movement or work on a project


Clean up as necessary throughout the day. Music listening throughout the day.

Meals and Snacks

Little Steps Big Dreams Daycare and Learning Center will provide a balanced nutritional breakfast, lunch, and p.m. snack in accordance with the Missouri State Food Program. It is my policy to serve all items on the menu and the children are given free choice to eat or refuse what is given them.

  • Except for special occasions and when requested, please do not send any food, drink (this includes a morning sippy cup), or candy with your child.

  • I will not administer a modified diet to your child without the written authorization of the child's physician.

Meals and snacks will be served at flexible intervals and will be served at least every three hours.


Meals and snacks are normally served at approximately

Breakfast— 8:00---9:00

Lunch --------12:00-1:00