Our Curriculums

Pre-K Curriculum

Our Pre-K curriculum was designed to focus on the development of the whole child. Lessons include picture and composer studies, activities for exploring artistic expression, reading/writing readiness focusing on letter recognition and letter sounds, read aloud, early math foundations, fine motor skills, large motor skills, practical life skills, and hands-on S.T.E.M. activities.

In the kitchen classroom, they will learn about what people eat in other countries as well as trying out some international recipes, as well as the letter of the week recipes.


Our forest nature studies include a weekly nature walk, which highlights a weekly theme with a guided nature study.

We will also be embarking on an adventure around the world and will be visiting each of the seven continents and exploring the amazing places and animals found on our planet Earth. We will meet children from around the world whose lives may be very similar or extremely different from their own.


We will also explore different ecosystems and animals found on each of the seven continents.

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Your child will make friends with some of the most influential and important artists and composers in human history, listen to the best children’s literature ever written, giving them a glimpse into the life and cultures of different countries, which also will have activities to tie in science, life skills, and more.


They will also enjoy the short, simple poetry of animals and Mother Goose.

They will explore their own artistic voice, discover the beauty of the world right outside their door, and play with early engineering and science concepts, all while developing a solid foundation in early math and reading readiness that will provide them with confidence in years to come.

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Sign Language


Replace Crying with Communication

Baby Sign Language lets babies, as young as six months old, communicate their needs so they don't need to cry. Your baby will learn how to tell you:


 Foreign Language - Spanish 

Every family's needs are different! Our focus is high quality and encouraging the acquisition and development of a foreign language as important as Spanish. Spanish as a language is important to us as it is an investment that lasts a lifetime. Our students will be able to speak and understand both English and Spanish. Our students learn every day and the applicable topics (daily interactions, colors, numbers, shapes, routines, commands, etc.)